What is pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic

Okay, here’s a question: is there anything worse than pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics? Okay? The answer is: there’s absolutely nothing worse than pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. So what we’re doing today is simply rapid review, Michael Engram just going to define these two terms.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic principles

Okay, so take those two terms and just throw them out the window all right. We don’t need that stupid nomenclature that just confuses you. So when any drug is administered, you can actually ask yourself two very broad questions, and I want you just to think of it.

This way, one, what is the perspective of the drug, so if this weird cartoon mouth that just showed up is in front of you and you’re the drug, what do you do?

Where do you go so, in other words, what does the drug do to the body? How intense of an effect do you have? Where do you go, and where do you have That effect?

Pharmacodynamics definition& meaning

So pharmacodynamics is literally the study of drugs farm and what they do to change our body’s dynamics. Therefore, in medical terms or in complicated terms, it’s therefore defined as the study of the time course and intensity of effects of drugs.

Pharmacokinetics definition& meaning

The second question: what is the body’s perspective so, for example, you’re the body you’re looking at the drug but another way? What does the body do to the drug after it’s taken?

This is called Pharmacokinetics literally, the study of drugs farm and their movement kinetics throughout the body.

Pharmacokinetics is therefore the study of the time course of drugs and their metabolites are their breakdown products. So it’s really not that complicated.

So basically, the two questions were asked: what is the perspective of the drug? What is the body’s perspective? That’s literally what those two terms actually mean so because I’m somebody who likes Pictures – and I just liked it – I’m a visual learner.

This is a good diagram. I think that shows you the difference between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, so pharmacokinetics when we’re talking about pharmacokinetics we’re talking about how the drug is administered, how much of the drug makes it to the circulation which we call the bioavailability, where the drug goes, which tissues does the drug get into and how quickly is the drug Eliminated or excreted from the body.

And then pharmacodynamics is just the drug at the site of action and what it’s doing so? What effect does it have on the person that you’re giving it to all right?

I hope this was helpful.

How Drugs Act On The Body



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