Was it hard to find a Pharmacist Job after Graduating? Pharmacy Job Market

Lets talk about pharmacy job market. Hey guys, it’s Paul here and another question and answer video for you. So you know I’ve been getting a lot of questions about basically how difficult it was for me or how easy it was for me to find a job when I first graduated.

Was it hard to find a Pharmacist Job after Graduating?

So the interesting thing is, you know, there’s a lot of different things. You got to look at it here. So when I was in school, you know when I first started the job market for pharmacists was robust.

You know as easy. You know a lot of people who had job offers before there graduated and nowadays you know it’s a little bit more difficult. You won’t.

You probably won’t have that job offer unless you’ve networked properly or you have to go out of your way to get that job offer before you graduate so so what I did is, as most of you know, I live and work in the Seattle area of Washington and I went to the University of Washington, and so I kind of limited My search to this area because my family, my friends, are all here and I wanted to stay in Seattle. You know for others. If it’s difficult to stay in a metropolitan area, you know expand your search and try to get experience in more rural areas and then go back to where you want to live if possible.

Is it hard to find a job as pharmacist?

So that’s my advice there. You don’t want to stay unemployed for any longer than six months to a year, because your expertise, your skills, will go start to degrade Because you’re not working you’re, not practicing as a pharmacist, and you know, hiring managers will see that and wonder you know it’s A red flag: how come this person hasn’t been working for six months to a year? I mean this, you know they should be doing something right or something is wrong with them because they can’t get hired. So I mean it’s, it’s unfair.

You know hiring that way, but that’s just how it is so you got to be careful with that. So for those who Are very picky about finding work, definitely you know work part-time or whatever get your experience and move on and then try to find. You know your dream job or what satisfies you so going back to the question at hand, how hard was it for me to find work? It will you know, honestly, I graduated in 2012 in June, but I had a job offer in April and I started working in April as a graduate intern because I finished school and Everything by March, but I didn’t walk during a ceremony walk until June.

is pharmacy school hard

So I was technically licensed by the end of April or early May I can’t remember, but that’s when I started working as a pharmacist and so being you know what that said. You must network network network because that’s how I got my job honestly, one of my preceptors at Walgreens. He recommended me to the manager at long-term care of pharmacy and I Interviewed – and I was able to luckily start working there.

You know they didn’t give me a full-time job. Initially they just let me work part-time kind of to test me out. I’m thinking to see if I was up to par before they hired me and so six months later they hired me full-time and I’m still working there and so to give you guys advice, you know the network, you know, while you’re in school, if you’re worried you know, Do the school events you know your school Has resources for career and job opportunities.

Pharmacy Job Market

There are career fairs, you know, go to everything and try to network and meet people. That is the best way in a tough saturated market to get a job. So, as for the future of pharmacy, a lot of people ask me questions, and you know I can’t predict the future.

Obviously, and so there’s a lot of articles and research saying that oh it’s becoming saturated, it’s gonna get worse and worse and worse And then there’s the other side of people saying well, you know if we get recognized as healthcare providers and you know the Affordable Care Act can do something for pharmacists like more people are insured, so there are more prescriptions, thus making demand for pharmacists higher and the booming aging population. But you know then there’s the other side. That says you know: there are more mail-order pharmacies and there’s no reimbursement for pharmacists, because We’re not being recognized as healthcare providers, and you know more schools, increased class sizes and reduce budgets.

You know there’s causing a contraction of pharmacists needed, so there are both sides there’s no way to find out what’s gonna happen, but you know if this is what you want to do and you’re passionate about it then go for it.

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How to get a pharmacist job with no experience? Pharmacy Job Market?

Struggling to find your first pharmacist job? Read this little talk with Sierra Richards who talked about her first pharmacist job. Watch the video also.

Hello, everyone and welcome back to happy farm life. My name is Sierra Richard.

I am a pharmacist dedicated to helping you live a happy, healthier life and I’m so excited today because I’m doing a video about my first job after residency, I officially have a clinical pharmacist job. I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and I wanted to share with you guys my story and my journey of how I got here because it’s a little crazy and hopefully for those of you who are looking for jobs. This will help you because I’m going to give you some tips along the way.

how to get your first pharmacist job?

So first I want to start by saying I went into my first-year residency thinking. I wanted to do a second year. I did my residency at a pediatric hospital because I loved pediatrics and I still do but long story short.

My husband stayed In Missouri for his job purposes and I went to Texas for residency and he never made it down there. So, knowing that we were going to be apart for another year, I did go to mid-year and talk to programs about pgy2, but the whole time. It just felt wrong and I didn’t want to do it, so I decided against it and to look for jobs.

That’s a very simple way of putting it because it was an extremely painful process to get to the point where I was okay with not doing the second year of residency. After all, I feel like a lot of times, people make you feel like you have to do That to get where you’re wanting to go in your career, and I had a lot of really deep heart-to-heart discussions with my mentors that were at my residency program as well as those that were not that were from my time in pharmacy school. And I think that that helped to have like the different perspectives. So instead I applied for a fellowship in association management that was closer to my husband and that was in February, and then we all know what happened in March.

So basically, a lot of jobs were closing. I was kind of keeping an eye on other things in case the fellowship didn’t work out for me and I got a call At the end of April. Letting me know that I had been selected for the physician for the fellowship, but they decided to cut it because of everything that was going on and they didn’t want to keep it in their budget due to the uncertainty in all of their income at the time.

So I lost the fellowship because of all the craziness that was happening and I’m going. To be honest, I was a little lost after that, because I was hoping for that. That was an opportunity to get back to my husband.

Do something I enjoyed and it just didn’t work out. So I started looking for other jobs, so there weren’t a lot of people hiring because of everything going on and they weren’t hiring any healthcare providers at that time because we weren’t doing elective surgeries and I’m gonna be honest, it was a little Scary, but from the fellowship application I got in contact with a job opening.

So that’s one of my points is just throughout this. You can hear that networking is the reason I have the job I have today. She connected me with a job opening.

So, Is Pharmacy School Worth It?

How to get a pharmacist job?

I took a cold call the next day after she connected me with him, And basically, it was like a mini-interview and I got an in-person interview and I went the good thing about that was. It was the first time I had had the opportunity to see my husband in almost four months because of the travel restrictions that were put in place, so it was so nice to see him. The job opportunity also was great, but it just wasn’t.

For me, it was like a retail Pharmacy that was looking to expand clinical services. I think that that was a cool opportunity for somebody, but the whole time. I just felt.

Oh, my god, it was not for me, so I emailed them afterward and thanked them for the opportunity and just passed, and that was a super hard decision to make because that had been the only job I had seen open in Weeks and when I did that It was like the third week of may so I was getting close to the end of residency and just had zero leads, but I felt like it was the right thing to do like I said it would have been a great job opportunity, but it just Didn’t seem right for me so, basically from there I just looked at a bunch of job openings in various settings that I thought maybe would fit. In my realm of expertise, I started looking at. I don’t know odd jobs things I could do online medical writing if anybody was looking for a professor for maybe a nursing school or something in pharmacology, because I’m trying to do that, I mean I was looking at all kinds of weird jobs for pharmacists.

Is Pharmacy School Worth It

So there’s a lot out there and there’s a lot of good resources. If you’re, you know trying to Figure that out too, but I did all of that and I put my application in for some things and nothing came through. So now it’s mid-June and I got a message from my old boss, so I was a pharmacy intern at the women’s and children’s hospital for three and a half years during pharmacy school.

She as well as three other pharmacists that I used to work with. Messaged me, Because they had two job openings that had just gotten approved the job wreck wasn’t even up yet and they wanted to. Let me know if I was still looking for something.

I was – and I was just so excited because this was the first like lead. I felt good about and I knew that even though I worked there, I was going to still have to work hard on that Resume in my interview and make sure everything was spot on, but this is a place I wanted to work. I had loved my time working there.

The people I worked with were amazing. The cultural environment of that pharmacy department was amazing and I just really wanted to be a part of it. The application opened like two days later.

I got my application in a couple of hours, so another thing I recommend, for You guys, is making sure you’re keeping up with your cv throughout the year. That way, when something does come up, you can just put your application in as well as having somebody who can get back to you quickly for a cover letter. So I am lucky my dad is actually in healthcare as well and he’s a good writer.

So I can have him read my stuff, but you can have friends or co-workers. Somebody who knows you and also knows the pharmacy or healthcare profession should read it before you submit it just to make sure there are um, not any typos. I did have one minor thing that he had me change and then I sent it off as I said quickly.

How to prepare for pharmacist job interview?

So, two weeks later it was the day before the end of the residency. I got a call back from them for an interview the next day, so I Interviewed on my last day of residency, and that was a really quick turnaround. So I spent like all evening.

I was supposed to be packing and I was interview prepping. I had to go dig my suit out of my suitcase. After all, I had packed it because I just assumed like I’m leaving in two days, I haven’t heard anything I’m not going to interview tomorrow just kidding. I did an hour-long online zoom Interview, which was relatively awkward, but it was also really good to see the people that I had worked with and loved to work with again, and it kind of reconfirmed that this job would be amazing, and I would be So so happy there, so there are two positions open one was a day shift clinical pharmacist position and one was an overnight seven on seven off clinical pharmacist position.

pharmacist is hard
Photo by Brooke Cagle

I did apply for both of them because I was open to either one I liked, both of them for different reasons, so yeah I interviewed, and two weeks later I got a call from them. After my interview that I had gotten the overnight clinical pharmacist position, so I’ll be doing seven days straight of working, I think they’re, like 11-hour shifts and then I’ll have seven days off so It’ll be really exciting, because during the seven days off I will be Doing content for you guys and now, I’m back with my husband back close home to family and I’m just so so excited this job is cool because I get to do pediatric and women’s health, so we do labor and delivery and maternal care at the hospital. I’m at, and so I get to do some fetal medicine as well, which is something I didn’t get to do Any at a children’s only facility, which is where I did a residency.

So I’m excited to get back to doing that because, while I loved pediatrics, I also liked the maternal side of things, so I’m happy. I get to do that again. The other awesome thing about this position, and one of the reasons I was okay with doing overnights – is that this place has 24 7 clinical services, so I’ll still be doing drug level Monitoring for patients in the middle of the night, helping with the antimicrobial Stewardship programming attending codes and just verifying orders, and whatever else comes up so overall, my tips, if you didn’t get that from this video so far, is to network like crazy when you’re in school.

Every single lead I had on a job has come from my networking and being involved in organizations in the school. If I Hadn’t done that, it would have never come to this. Another big thing is just keeping in touch with the people that you did network within school, so I got messages from so many people where I worked because I kept in touch with them after I left, mainly because they were great mentors, and I wanted to continue that and I became friends with them and I appreciated all their help, which is why I’m very excited to work with them again and have them as mentors.

My next one is that if one door closes, that means something else will open. I could have been even more bummed out about the fact that I didn’t get that fellowship, but now I’m in a much better position than I think the fellowship would have put me in after this next year. So it was 100.

The best thing for me – And I am glad it happened now – I know at the time I was not happy, but I’m so happy. It happened now. Next, one is just like a little tidbit, but five references guys most jobs will require at least three, which is what is required to apply for residency, but several of the jobs I applied for wanted at least five references and two to be managers, so keep that In mind have five people Kind of in your back pocket that you’ve talked to that you can just follow up with quickly once you have a job that you’re applying for another thing you should do if you can is to update your cv as you go.

I know that this is a super hard thing to do, but if you can just as you’re going throughout the year, just refine your cv, add that presentation adds that community Service, whatever you’re doing it’s a lot easier to do than backtrack. I wish you all the best of luck. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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