Is Pharmacy School Worth It? Why Pharmacy School is Not For You?

Is pharmacy school worth it (ft. Sagar Parekh)

Is Pharmacy School Worth It? In above video, I take a longer segment of my podcast interview, Masada and we talked about hey, whose pharmacy school for and who isn’t it for.

I think you’ll find it interesting because he provides a different perspective for me and I hope it. I hope it helps you kind of figure out whether pharmacies are for you or not well anyways.

Is going to pharmacy school worth it? Should I go to pharmacy school

I think that’s how I say his name do it. I didn’t butcher his name all day. Anyways hope you guys enjoy take care peace, some people, you know there might be students out there that don’t know how that pharmacy could be a perfect fit for that, and then there are also students that might go to pharmacy When it’s not a good fit for them.

is pharmacy school hard
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And you end up regretting it, so I think me providing information and then answering their questions. I mean I try to answer every single message I get. I try to best answer that I can give cuz and I’ll give the most honest answers.

Is pharmacy school still worth it?

Is pharmacy school still worth it? Someone today messages me: it was like hey, I’m not sure. If I’m going to pharmacy school cuz, you know might be too hard, but I also don’t think about becoming a pharmacist, but I got accepted into the Program. So should I do it? I told her as I think.

First, you do what you want to do, just because you get into the program doesn’t mean you have to do that’s great advice. That’s great advice right, a lot of people, a lot of people do that like it’s a safe program in six years, but man, if you’re not into it, that’s a lot of years to waste on something that you just want. Cause it’s safe mm-hmm.

I think. That’s! That’s my biggest advice to anyone, especially for Korea like pharmacy and even med school. You had to be passionate and I think the med school you, med school.

You have to be a little bit more passionate because that’s a lot of people’s lives and it’s kind of hard to go. Other routes with med school become a doctor and then you get a specialty knee ER doctor, but with pharmacy, it’s kind of cool because you could go into maybe the industry if you’re into that or a hospital for you into that or retail.

If you’re into that, If I don’t like a problem with pharmacy, is that it’s at so you have to differentiate yourself before anything else and I think the best way to not only differentiate yourself like and to find like the to see if it’s for you Or not because you know what you want and what I want or are gonna, be completely different right, yeah, and so I think one of the things that we were talking about earlier was like the value relationship.

Is Pharmacy School Worth It
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So if you are in that situation, one of the best things you can never do is take. It takes a look at what people are already doing in pharmacy and reverses engineer, rather than just like you know, I’m gonna go pharmacy school and figure it out hell. No, that’s like that’s a lot of debt.

A lot of time. A lot of that you’re spending, you should you’re really in the trying to figure it out. Take a look at someone, who’s happy in pharmacy, but just Be like hey uh, Brian Fung.

He seems happy about informatics. I don’t know why, but you seem happy about informatics. I want to be an informatics pharmacist.

Maybe you go through their LinkedIn and take a look at what kind of subsidy and guess what, if you like them, take the extra mile be like reach out to them. You know nothing like does it’s not scary? Most people will not say no, especially if your student yeah, that’s the easiest, you Go on LinkedIn man, even if it did they take.

Out of your day and just message, people and ask them a question something you’re interested in one they’ll answer it because people like talking about themselves, answering questions yeah and you don’t have to pay money for it. So why are you? Why are you wasting your time and not doing it just use your Sources to your advantage right and just learn as much as you can?

I think that’s why, whenever so messages me, I kind of like it cuz they’re, taking time out of their day yeah. I’m always like. I always take that gratitude.

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Why Pharmacy School is Not For You?

So in today’s video, we’re going to talk about why pharmacy. This also answer a question like is Pharmacy School Worth It?

I’ve of course talked a lot about pharmacy and the jobs and careers within the realm of pharmacy. But how do you know if you should go to pharmacy school, a lot of people compare it with going to Med school or pt school? Why should you become a pharmacist, or rather why shouldn’t you so in today’s video?

I want to highlight why pharmacy school might not be for you, maybe you’re, recently inspired into pursuing a career within the pharmacy and going to pharmacy school by either watching my videos, someone else’s videos here in the internet world, or by something you read.

why pharmacy school is not for you
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The list goes on, but maybe you’re thinking about it, and I just want to highlight reasons why pharmacy school might not be for you because again I don’t think it’s for everyone and, although I think it’s a very exciting industry again, it’s not for everyone.

So I’m just going to go ahead and list all the reasons why I think pharmacy school is not for you. I kind of alluded to this, but the first reason is that if you want to be a Doctor if you have your heart set on being a doctor – and you are somehow mentally replacing that with becoming a pharmacist, and my doctor I mean practicing, physician, Etc, I’ve personally heard many times that it’s almost seen as an alternative. If you don’t want to go to med school, oh I’ll just go to pharmacy school, but honestly, the job roles are Completely different overall.

Difference between pharmacy school and med school

In very, very simple terms. The job function of a doctor is to diagnose, whereas the job role of a pharmacist is to treat and maintain that treatment over time. Of course, there’s an overlap between the two not only in job function and working as a team, but also in the knowledge that you gain.

Doctors still have pharmacology courses And pharmacists still have to understand, diagnosing the basic anatomy and the pathophysiology of diseases. But again, the job functions overall are completely different, and how that translates to you is that your day-to-day as a doctor versus a pharmacist can look extremely different. So you have to understand Where your love of science, where your love of medicine stems from, do you want to help people by being the expert in diagnosing and helping care that way or by being an expert in medications in treatments and helping patients in That realm, so again, overall, if you want to be a doctor, pharmacy school is not for you now.

diference beetween pharmacy school and med school
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The second reason that pharmacy school is not for you is, if you’re Looking for some kind of easy way out, while still maintaining a career in the medical field, but not wanting to commit to four years of undergraduate school. Four years of graduate school and two to four years of residencies or fellowship now, I say this because a lot of people have come up to me. Specifically, I’d been like.

Oh, you did your PharmD in six years. That’s so easy! I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field, but that’s so much shorter.

Is pharmacy school easier than medical school?

I should just do that now. First of all, I wouldn’t say that pharmacy school is necessarily easy. So definitely, beware on that side of things, but, second of all, although six years might seem short in comparison to again your eight or ten years, you still have to understand that six years is a big chunk of your life.

By The time I was in my third out of six years of pharmacy school, I already felt like I was there for so long and by again, my fifth and sixth year. It did feel like eons. I was in school for a while.

All of my friends, who did four-year degrees were in and out within four years, and I still was in school, so don’t only compare it to again, Either medical school or any other type of graduate school, but compared to the reality of time. And I think this is where your priorities will set in, and this is where you have to understand how much time you want to invest in something like a school for your career and then make decisions based on that. Moreover, touching upon the not-so-easy part of pharmacy school pharmacy, school of course gets more and more challenging throughout the years, and you are expected to know a lot.

Is pharmacy school difficult?

There are a couple of really difficult years in pharmacy school, where I even personally did not do anything. Besides school, so again, it is not an easy way out and if you think that and go to pharmacy school with that mindset, you will feel otherwise, while you’re studying another thing I want to quickly mention here, is that, depending on what route you decide to take with your career after pharmacy school, you can still spend one to three years in post-doctoral training, whether it’s a residency to work in a hospital or a clinic, whether it’s a fellowship to work in the pharmaceutical industry. All of those training programs do exist.

On top of your six years of pharmacy school, if you get into a six-year program, so again you just have to keep these things in mind. There’s no truly easy way out now. My third reason is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have no desire to pursue any job that a PharmD would, then you definitely should not be going to pharmacy school Again.

I think pharmacy school has gotten more popular within the last few years. At least that’s the transition that I’ve seen from when I first started school to when I graduated but again overall, you have to compare it to what you want and if you just can’t picture yourself performing any of the job functions that any PharmD could do, Then there’s no reason for you to pursue pharmacy school. Now I have another video on this, but there are still so many career choices that a PharmD can make.

Pharmacy career options

You don’t have to work as a retail pharmacist. You don’t have to work in a hospital. There are a lot of options, so many different personality types, many different people can fall within the category of wanting to pursue a job within the realm of pharmacy.

Again, the Range is pretty big, but if you don’t fall into any of those categories, then again pharmacy school just isn’t for you. My next reason is for the money whether you like to accept it or not. A lot of your decisions are driven by the fact of how much money you are going to earn or are currently earning.

That’s the whole point of college. You want to go to college to earn a degree to get a job to make good money. Now, in the past, when I’ve told people that I’m in pharmacy school, so many people react like oh you’re, going to make so much money when you graduate – and it seems like that’s the idea that people have in their head.

Is pharmacy school a bad ide?

But if that’s the only reason you’re going to pharmacy school, then it’s not for you again, like I just explained, you’re gonna put In six to eight years of the time of your life pursuing pharmacy school and then. As with any career choice, it does take time to get off the ground get into a job role that you want and see yourself in for the future, so bottom line it’s going to take a lot of time, effort and energy.

So you have to make sure That this is something you’re. Okay with putting that much time, effort, and energy into it, and if your only motivation is something like money, then honestly, it’s not going to take you far and you’ll burn out a lot quicker.

Is pharmacy school a bad ide
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My next reason is doing it just for the doctorate title. Yes, PharmD’s are doctorates and you can do the little pretty signature of Dr. Bianca Gupta. But, of course, if that’s your only reason as to why you’re even going to pharmacy school and pursuing a PharmD, then get out now again going to pharmacy school takes a lot of time, effort, and energy, not only on your part for everyone around you.

So don’t just do it for something superficial like that. Is it a nice bonus? Yes, but again it comes with being a pharmacy expert And that expertise takes a lot of studying. My next reason is parental pressure.

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Now, this generally goes for any career field. If you are getting parental pressure or pressure from any external source for that matter, and that is your only motivator to pursue whatever it is you’re pursuing, then, of course, that is wrong – that’s not how it should be. You need to make sure You’re doing it for the right reasons that you’re motivated in the right ways and pressure from any external source.

Even if its family is incorrect, you have to reason with yourself as to why you want to pursue something and if it falls in line with the hopes and dreams of, let’s just say your parents, then great. But if it doesn’t, then that is something that you need to take Charge of, and prioritize yourself, your parents, or any other external family members or friends who will not be pursuing. The career will not be going to school, for you will not be taking your exams, for you will not be job searching for you and will not be performing your job for you so again at the epicenter of it all.

You need to make sure you’re doing it for The right reasons. So, overall, those are my few reasons as to why pharmacy school just might not be for you. There are many great career paths out there and I’ve seen pharmacy become more popular within the last few years.

But again, if this is something you’re thinking about pursuing, really understand your intrinsic motivation as to why you want to do this because it’s going to take a good amount out of you, whether it’s in the form of Time effort, or energy, which are all extremely valuable. All of our time is valuable, so make sure you’re putting it towards something you want to do. As always.

I hope this article answer your question about is Pharmacy School Worth It?

Pharmacist Networking – How to network and build relationships in pharmacy?

How to network and build relationships in pharmacy

Have you ever felt that networking was kind of fake and not real and not genuine? Have you ever been just overwhelmed by all the BS about networking? Well in today’s video I’m going to give you four real steps that most people are not doing, and it will not only help you network better, make friends, find mentors, get recommendations and honestly meet cool ass people. What up guys? It’s your boy, Kevin! You PharmD AKA Kevin the refugee hustle calm before we start make sure to hit subscribe, so you can get all the modern updates for this channel.

What Is Pharmacy Network?

Some of the most common questions I get are. what is pharmacy network? Should I do pharmacy? How do I go from retail to hospital? How do I become a US pharmacist if I’m practicing outside the US? One of the things that I always like to do whenever I’m faced with a question is talk to experts, an expert isn’t necessarily like a professor at School and stuff. It could be what I consider an expert is someone who’s been down that road before it’s probably one of the reasons why I haven’t released a foreign pharmacy video because to me I’m not an expert on that. I was born and raised in the US, so I’ve never had that problem.

So that’s why I think networking talking to people is very important. It also is really important if you’re looking for a job or, if you’re, trying to start a business because there are people out there that have done it before it. When you’re trying to do something new, you don’t want anything theoretical.

Rules of Pharmacist Networking

Play the video above to learn more about 3 rules of pharmacist networking.

You want something very practical. That’s why I like to talk to people in the informal setting, so I can get the real deal. It’s kind of like your true homey, give me the homey hookup and give me all the deets about hey.

Is this a good place to work? What is it like, but just like cold calling people trying to sell them, life, insurance or Vacuum cleaners aren’t always very effective, and sometimes people can be a little distant building? Relationships are the most important thing that you can do in pharmacy and outside of pharmacy. It was very important for me when I was getting recommendations starting up my business and even investing, I even a recommendation from a Rear Admiral from the Public Health Service when back when I was in school.

So how did I do this? How do you build connections in Today’s video? I’m going to step-by-step go over a cold approach to a really warm connection? Hey, you might be friends and a lot of the people that I’ve talked to this way are my homies. Now. This is not only for professional relationships, but even friendships too.

What is preferred pharmacy network?

So first thing find leads, so in sales leads are looking for people just to talk to you. Let’s say in this example: I’m interested going in to pharmacy school, but I’m not sure it fits for me. So what I would want to do is find pharmacist people that made it out of London to school and see how much they like their jobs, maybe embarrassed fields, but what you want to do is keep it very broad at this point you can filter down later, But just keep it very broad, one of the biggest reasons stopping people from actually talking is they’re.

Like I don’t know anyone well that’s because we all know that you at least have one Instagram follower. Pharmacy is a very small world. Being Asian is a very small world, it’s one of the reasons why my mom gossips with all the other Chinese families, and they know what I’m doing.

We underestimate our everyday interactions, and so one easiest way is a friend of a friend. If you know someone who might be in pharmacy school, maybe they don’t fit the qualifications or if you know someone you ask them, hey I’m Looking and find out whether pharmacies are for me or not. Do you know anyone that I can talk to now? You can do this on an individual level, but I like to do this through Facebook, so sometimes like you can just shoot up like on your status. This also build pharmacist networking.

Hey guys, I’m looking to jump into pharmacy, but I’m not sure if it’s for me do you know anyone that I can talk to that. Can help me out. So that’s a really easy way.

Worst case scenario. Let’s say your friends: don’t use social media, Everybody hates Facebook, because of that Cambridge analytical scandal. So what do you do? What I like to do is go on.

Linkedin is a great place to go for cold leads and what I like to do with the cold lead. You don’t know them that much you’re, basically shooting a Hail Mary and you’re. Trying to slide in somebody’s DMS can either use the LinkedIn tool where you can message, people or you can Google stock them and stuff.

So you might find Some pharmacists who work in a hospital or maybe who do informatics or maybe they’ve done a residency. You want to get all sorts of different people right, look for the contact, usually, they have work. Email, usually there’s always a work email.

If you dig hard enough, that’s not always the case anyways just to do the best you can at this point. So you have your contact, you have an email, so what do you do with that?

The second thing you need to do is just Ask for Meetup a lot of people like to do coffee or lunch typically near, where whatever is most convenient for them because, at the end of the day, they’re doing you a favor and not the other way around. Like I like to set it for 15 to 30 minutes at like a public place, you’re not gonna invite them into your home right.

They might get creeped out by that. But usually, I like to do a local coffee shop or whatever they want. But how do You approach it, and what I like to do is do a little research on them.

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Pharmacist Networking is so important

What kind of work are they doing? What kind of interesting things are? What are they doing? Did you find them on a podcast? What are they doing? That’s interesting out there. What I like to do is start with something in common now this could be like hey. I see that you’re an MC PHS alumni, or I see that you’re USC alumni.

I would love to learn more about what you do and hear your story about your Pharmacy journey because I’m trying to decide whether I’m going to the pharmacy or not that’s one way. A second way is admiration, so find something that you admire. The work, maybe they work at a well-known possible or something or maybe they don’t my pharmacy guess and you can be easily like hey.

I saw you on Kevin’s podcast. I would love to hear more about your story and most people like if you’re in the pharmacy room most People are willing to help you out once you establish that connection and you’re, mindful of their time if it’s not too out of their way, you know Why not for me, I’ve been out of school for a while, and whenever I get those emails, I’m usually down to meet most people to be fair, some people will just decline and it might not be, they might just be generally busy depending on how they answer now. Sometimes I’ll set up a Google Calendar Reminder to ask him again and maybe two or three months to see if they’re, freer or you can ask, is there a better time or maybe they’re not interested, and I think that’s the thing.

Sometimes it’s kind of scary. Getting rejected just it’s just like picking up girls dude, but you know it happens also, when you’re setting up a time and date I like to give them several options. I don’t like to say hey: when are you free, because then they have to look at the calendar and do all this? It’s just a pain ass.

So what I like to do is like hey, I’m free on Monday from 2:00 to 5:00 and Tuesday from whatever the main thing is, you want to make it easy to pick and choose, and I also like hey, but I’m flexible with my schedule. So if there’s a better time that works for you, I can try to fit that in so it gives them some options. It’s almost like a restaurant menu.

Third step. You meet them up, so you’ve established a date and time don’t be Freaking late. Typically, if it’s at a coffee shop or something it’s very casual, I like to do casual so, but not like.

What’s up a lot of people, I like that if you’re going more entrepreneur, they’re gonna be more relaxed if you’re going more pharmacy. Just stress. Well, you know you don’t want to dress up like an interview, but just look presentable when you’re meeting them up, don’t be freaking late, be there about 10 minutes early suggest in case anything happens, it’s The most awkward situation when you’re wasting their time.

The whole point is to be very mindful of them because they’re doing you a favor, remember that so how I like to prepare is just like have just a few questions have like some bullet points in your head, not too many you’re, not trying to Bombard them with like an interview, but I would only prepare like two to three bullet points of things that you’re curious about. Now, don’t waste their time, don’t ask them like hey, is pharmacy school hard? That’s a bad question. Do some research on student doctor Network does some research on Reddit rent is a great resource? Do some Google searches and try to test out some things so ask questions that you want to know specifically about like their results or how they got a certain result? You know if they’re like a residency, Director a pharmacy supervisor, you want to ask questions that will take you in that direction, right things that you’re genuinely interested in, so things that you might want to ask is say something that you’ve researched all right with your Reddit or whatever ask hey I’ve researched online and talked to some people, and I heard that it takes five to ten years of being a pharmacy manager to be a supervisor.

What did you do to shortcut that journey? It shows That you’ve done the research, you’re, informed you’re, not wasting their time, and you want to shut them up. You want to shut up because they’re, the ones that are the expert you’re trying to learn their story. Let them talk, you know and if they go off tangent, that’s cool because that’s part of building the relationship you want to be so strict, it’s an informal setting and you know, if you guys, really really connect, then you know there’s there might be Future meetings.

Okay, so ask a few questions like that, but I also like when I go on these meetings, I like to hear their story right from the beginning, so maybe they’re pharmacy journey like hey. How did you get into pharmacy, but what not? Every single question has to be such a high-level question, but I like to have one or two in my back pocket just so that you know I find out the stuff that I want to know, and this is a key point at the End of Every coffee meeting, what I like to do is ask them. What else would you be doing if you’re in my shoes, that gives you a little insight about things that you could be doing better or to see if you’re overlooking anything? The second question that I like to ask is: who else do you think I should be talking to that way, um that opens up the question of hey.

Is Pharmacy School Worth It

Is there anybody else in this field that could help guide me better? You know, and it helps broaden that networks. They might introduce you to someone when they’re colleagues that can better help you out. I like to not only ask this question but usually frame it before so usually start with hey, I’m looking to do X.

Who else do you think I should be talking to? That’s even better because then they can even direct you better, it’s kind of like taking a laser scope. You know back when you’re playing counter and you get your up and use the scope. That’s uh! That’s what you’re doing so they can help guide you to someone that can help you out and usually at this point, they’ll give you some recommendations.

You want to try to stay roughly in the time now that you have recommendations of what to do, and you have recommendations of who else you should be talking to. You want to follow up so there are two stages with that. The first stage is sending a thank-you email.

Now you can be like Thanks for meeting up. That meant a lot to me. That’s kind of like the thing that I don’t like to do.

What I like to do is go in-depth. So what I like to do is be very specific about how they’ve helped me out. Hey thanks for meeting me up during our meeting I learned X, Y & Z.

pharmacy network
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It helped me figure out, I’m looking to do more residency than a retail pharmacy job. So you just share something that you learn from them: that you’re grateful That you learn from them. Then there’s a second thing fee, a few weeks later.

What I like to do is you know, take their advice, don’t waste our time. Take their advice. Try it out if it helped update them on it.

Again I like to be specific. So if they introduce me to someone hey, I talked to X Y & Z, like you recommended. I learned this from them thanks so much.

You know, after a few exchanges, if you want to establish a better relationship with them or have Them as a mentor, then you can ask them to meet up again and chances are they will?

Let’s recap because I went over it a lot. So first thing leads: this is the process of finding people to talk to either through your friends or coldly. The second thing asks for me to know so again, you can do it on coffee or lunch.

If you’re like me, can a vitamin your podcast but ask for a meet-up 3 meet them up, so ask them questions that you’re interested in asking what else you should be doing if they were in your shoes and who else that you should be talking to For follow-up, send a genuine real thank-you email and then follow up. Let them know how your advice has helped you. This is how I network this is how I meet people, especially if I’m trying to get a better knowledge of something, but you start collecting this pool of people that you can eventually share with other people as well.

Um, notice, it’s not very scammy, it’s not fake. It’s all a real genuine connection, and this is how you get to know people, but the number one thing is just to be mindful and just be very grateful that these people are willing to help you out. You know they’re taking time out of their day just to help you out, and I think it’s very this is where a lot of people up no one likes to give all this advice for free and then have them disappear off the planet.

Pharmacist Networking is part of the pharmacist life.