PCAT Study Materials (Pharmacy College Admission Test) – Ultimate Guide from Registering to Practice Test

1 Registering for the PCAT

Registering for PCAT

The first step to doing well on the PCAT is to make sure that you’re allowed to take the test. The guidelines for registration must be followed so that you’re allowed to schedule your test date at Pearson.

You don’t want to forfeit your registration fees because you didn’t follow the guidelines or because you missed a deadline. The guidelines for registration are found in the PDF version of the Candidate Information Booklet on the PCAT website.

This is a valuable resource that can answer a lot of common questions. Also, the PCAT website has a section devoted to the most recent changes and information updates for registration. You should always review this section to make sure that you don’t run into any obstacles that could be avoided.

Securing a seat for the PCAT

There are two main steps in securing a seat for the PCAT and they can’t be taken out of order.

First, you must complete the online registration process for the PCAT. There may be circumstances that require additional registration steps, but we’ll talk about those in a few minutes.

You’re working against a deadline. The back cover of the Candidate Information Booklet lists this year’s testing cycle. In addition to the corresponding Registration and Schedule deadlines.

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One thing to note is that you cannot register too early for the PCAT. If you’re certain that you will test this year, then start the process as early as possible. So you have the best chance at getting your preferred testing date, time, and location.

If you miss the Registration and Schedule deadline, you may still register and schedule.

However, you’ll find that there are late fees added to your registration and a reduced likelihood that you’ll be able to test on your preferred date and time, and perhaps even less likely, that you’ll be able to get your preferred testing. Location. Seating is limited.

Register and schedule early. That way, you only have to think about preparing for the exam.

As you complete the online registration process on the PCAT website, be sure that you have all of the necessary information at hand. There are two items that will help you avoid commonly made registration mistakes. You’ll need the two official forms of ID that will be required on your test date.

Your primary ID must be government-issued, valid, and unexpired with a photo and a signature. This can be a driver’s license passport or other ID, as described in the Candidate Information Booklet.

Your secondary ID may be a credit card, library card, utility bill, or other documentation.

Both IDs must be valid and current

Now this is important: The first and last names you enter into your registration form must match exactly the primary ID that you intend to use again. The Candidate Information Booklet explains this requirement in detail on the PCAT website.

I have to stress this again. The names you use on your PCAT Registration must match exactly the names on your primary ID that you present on test day.

If the name on your registration form does not match the name on your primary ID, you will not be allowed to test and you will not receive a refund for your registration.

Here’s a student filling out her PCAT registration. She’s filling it out long before the deadline. However, some candidates make the mistake of using common nicknames, such as abbreviations for their given name, like Alex instead of Alexandra.

Alex is going to discover on testing day that she won’t be allowed to test because the names she registered with do not match the name on Her primary ID. There are many names that are considered nicknames and are shortened versions of their official given name.

You can avoid this by using your primary ID to determine how to enter your name when registering for the PCAT, so have it handy.

The second piece of information to have on hand is a recent credit card statement for the card. You will use it to pay your registration fees, whether that statement is in paper form or from an online statement.

There are two types of addresses that you’re going to be asked to enter during the registration process.

The first will be your correspondence address Or the address where you’re sure to receive anything mailed to you. The second address is the one that your credit card company has on file for you as their billing address.

When you enter this address, you must enter it exactly down to the last character, space, punctuation, and abbreviation.

If you enter the wrong billing address or if it doesn’t match exactly with your credit card company’s records, your fees may not be paid and your registration will not be processed. Don’t count on the generation of an address verification error.

Before you finish registering, You don’t want payment issues standing in your way of testing.

Scheduling for PCAT and PCAT Study Materials

After the registration process is completed, You’ll receive a notification email from PCAT.

It will instruct you to go to your “My Profile” page at the PCAT website to review the registration confirmation.
Read it carefully.

The next step is to schedule your testing appointment at the Pearson VUE location of your choice. At the Pearson VUE website: https://home.pearsonvue.com/pcat, click on the “Schedule online” link and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’ve never taken an exam at Pearson Vue you’ll have to create a new login account.

If you have taken an exam at Pearson Vue before, use your existing account information.

Your PCAT account is not the same as your Pearson VUE account, although you may try to create a Pearson VUE account with the same login name as the PCAT account.

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If it’s available, you must select the PCAT exam from the list of exams available through Pearson VUE.

After you’ve indicated that you want to take the PCAT, you must select your preferred testing date, time, and location. If you can’t find a Pearson VUE location within 100 miles of your residence or if you have any other trouble scheduling your PCAT testing appointment day or time call the Pearson VUE Call Center at 1-866-508-8836.

You must schedule your appointment before the registration and schedule’s deadline for the best chance at getting your desired test date, time, and location.

After that date, you’ll incur additional fees and your chances of getting your preferred test date are not as likely.

Register and schedule your test early. We want you to have a successful and trouble-free PCAT testing, experience. Reading and understanding the guidelines for registering and scheduling your testing appointment is very important.

The PDF version of the Candidate Information Booklet is available online and it is up to date with the latest information. Regarding these important beginning, steps to taking the PCAT.

Following the guidelines, registering, and scheduling early will put you in a situation where you can avoid problems at the testing.center. What you want is to be able to concentrate on taking the PCAT itself.

What To Expect on PCAT Testing Day

If you’re registered to take the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) you may be curious about the experience. This video helps to describe the sign-in process, some of the rules to follow, and an overview of what you’ll experience.

Watch video about PCAT study materials in the bottom of this article.

Requesting PCAT Accommodations

Some candidates may qualify for accommodations when they take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). The guidelines for requesting these accommodations are found in the Candidate Information Booklet available at www.PearsonAssessments.com/PCAT. The website ADA.gov will provide guidelines in determining the criteria for qualified disabilities, in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA).

PCAT Practice Test – PCAT Study Materials

Many candidates who take advantage of the Writing and Multiple-Choice Practice Tests perform better on the actual PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) than those candidates who do not. This video provides more detail into The PCAT Study Materials.


That’s it about Pearson PCAT and PCAT Study Materials. I hope you can pass this test easily. Read more about pharmacist life in this website.


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