Is Pharmacy School Hard? An Honest Opinions

Hey guys, dear pharmacy student, how hard is the pharmacy, I know it’s not going to be easy, walk in the park. It’s gonna be a lot of hard work, but how much do you have to do? This is a question from Asante.

Is Pharmacy School Hard?

Thank you for your question. You know, that’s it’s a good question. You know I I wasn’t sure either when I was an undergrad and going into pharmacy school how hard it was gonna be.

I knew It was gonna be harder but just didn’t know how much harder or what to anticipate so. What you’re gonna see is that you’re, taking a lot more classes and you’ll be in the classroom a lot more and you will be studying a lot more. It’s not that the information that pharmacy school teaches you it’s very difficult per se, but the volume they throw at you is what will be the most difficult to manage and organize.

is pharmacy school hard to
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So that’s the main problem I had was Managing time studying as much as possible. You know and then organizing the information they gave to me and presented to us and finding a way to put that into my head and memorize it and apply it. So that’s the biggest problem.

Is It Hard To Become A Pharmacist?

The other thing is that there’s a lot of activities you can participate in and in pharmacy school, so clubs, organizations, health fairs interning at different places, and all those things can take up a significant amount of your time and Potentially heard your grades as well, and, put You behind so you have to like, I said before, manage your time and be organized, so basically, everyone in my class pretty much interns. The entire time they’re in school majority of the class has a job somewhere and works every week, part-time and that ranges anywhere from 4 hours to 30 hours a week for certain students. And that’s a big amount of your time.

You know and then on top of That you’re a full-time grad student, taking probably five courses or something like that and then on top of that you gotta, go to study and if you have a family, that’s, even more, more difficult but props to those Who can do that? You know so that I hope to thank you to do an example of what a pharmacy student you know as a pharmacy student and graduate student. What you will be doing is anticipate.

Is Pharmacy School Stressful?

Is Pharmacy School Stressful? Let’s hear straight from a pharmacy school student:

Hey, guys, it’s Emily again and I swear this semester has been so stressful and I think it’s so funny that I just now realized that like half my videos, I’m in my pajamas so actually not in my pajamas for once, look at me go but this video. I thought I’d do a sort of a vlog talking about like how stressed I am and how stressful pharmacy school has been, and I don’t know if you can see it, but I’m breaking out all over the place, Which I mean it’s fine because it happens.

But it’s because I do not eat eating healthy, not exercising. I’ve got to work on that. I got to do better for my body because that’s the only thing that’s gonna help with the stress eating, makes your stress worse.

How stressful is pharmacy school?

Not working out makes your stress worse so like even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, and even if it’s just cutting out like two of my three fatty meals a day or you know whatever I got To do it, because this is getting worse and Um yeah, it’s rough, but I mean I’m getting through it. I only have one exam this week instead of two which is nice, which is why I’m able to post this video before class will not post it. But do this video before class instead of after class or on the weekend or whatever cuz? I don’t have class till 10:00 today, which is super nice, say hi to memo, but um, it’s just hard and likes.

I want to be realistic with you guys That pharmacy school is not easy. It’s gonna be roughly half the time you can just see little Nemo’s tale, but it’s gonna be so rough and you’re gonna feel like you want to give up, but you can’t if this is what you want to do, you should never Give upon him that’s the big thing that I have to say: um the rest of the video today I thought about doing a day in my life, which I might end up doing, I haven’t decided yet so I guess You’ll see if there’s more to this Video, if there is stay tuned – and it should be a fun day – because I only have one class and in the lab we’re learning how to garb it in for sterilizing, not sterilizing, making sterile compounding sterile prescriptions, which ought to be fun. So I get it gone up and you know all that jazz, so you might be able to see that.

But if not mmm sorry yeah, I kind of don’t know how this school gonna, be about letting me you Know, record things so well see, but probably not um I’ll, just kind of keep this a short video. He was trying to play fetch with me she’s. So cute, maybe where’d you go hi.

She brings the mouse back to me. She’s great pharmacy schools are super rough right now, it’ll get better. I know it will um, I’m just so unmotivated to study, which is not me.

Usually, I’m always on top of the game and always doing what I need to do, but it’s halfway. It’s almost halfway through the semester like spring breaks in a week and I’m just ready to be done yet I have three more years yeah. This is gonna be a long time, but you guys get to go on that journey with me and it’s gonna be super fun for you, probably maybe I don’t know um I’ll, probably do a vlog or two over spring break just to show you what I’m doing when I’m up to I got a lot of video ideas coming up.

How stressful is being a pharmacis?

How stressful is being a pharmacis? Gonna do maybe a morning and night routine for school, which the morning routine might have to be next week because I also new have one exam next week. So maybe I’ll do it on Tuesday morning we’ll see and maybe meal planning when I figure out healthy meals to eat, I’m also thinking about going vegetarian. Maybe after I eat all the meat.

That’s in my freezer because I mean it’s just so freakin unhealthy for you and I’ve been doing a lot of research about it and I don’t think I can go full Vegan because I love me some cheese, but any step I can make in the right direction. Is a good step so we’ll see I’ll keep you guys updated on my life and how everything’s going on here, and also on my blog and I’m also thinking about doing a few videos about how to study for the PCAT or like. What’s in my white coat, whether it’s a good idea to do research and work and all that, while you’re in pharmacy school and how to stay sane once I figure that out, No, I’m just kidding I’m doing pretty well with that.

It’s just like it’s been a stressful week, but yeah this is kind of a rambling video and I’m sorry, but I wanted to post one and I look kind of put together today so figured I’d post, one about how freaking stressed I am um yeah, all Right well I’ll see you guys next time, bye.

Are Pharmacists in Demand?

Pharmacists are in demand, pharmacists, employment of pharmacists, has projected to grow 6 % from 2016 to 2020 6 about as fast as the average for all occupations. Several factors are likely to contribute to this increase.

Demand is projected to increase for pharmacists in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals and clinics.

Hey guys, it’s Paul here in today’s video, I want to talk about an article I came across on drug topics. Calm.

The title was pharmacy Job demand could grow because of the pandemic situation alright. So this is shocking to me to find out that there’s a high demand for pharmacists during this pandemic situation because all I’ve seen is bad news with job cuts, job hours, reductions, furloughs, it just doesn’t make sense.

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Pharmacist Job Demand Growing Because of Pandemic?

It’s Not adding up to me. So I want to find out – and so I’m gonna dig deep to find out the truth on what is happening in the pharmacist job market in mid-march CVS released information that they were going to hire 50,000 positions in its stores across the nation. The senior director of communications, Joseph good, stated that we have many open positions for pharmacist technicians and workers with health care.

Training Walgreens also released information that they were Going to hire 9,500 positions, as well as Amazon, hiring in the pharmacy sector as well. As many of you already know that I’ve already talked about this in my past videos that the US Bureau of labor of statistics as estimating a decline in pharmacists jobs over the next 10 years, especially in the retail sector, they project a 200 job loss over the next 10 years for pharmacists jobs, I think that pharmacists job loss will be higher than this than they’re projecting Because of telepharmacy automation and mail-order pharmacy. So seeing CVS and Walgreens going on a super hiring spree during this pandemic is quite shocking, given the past trends.

Are pharmacist in high demand?

So what exactly is happening in the pharmacists market? I pulled some of my classmates. I pulled some pharmacists on Facebook groups online and say they said. Yes, there was a huge surge in prescriptions right around the time.

This shutdown was starting to happen with the pandemic Situation, but after everything, shut down, prescription counts, just dropped significantly, there are no elective surgeries anymore and people are just hunkered down inside their homes and stocked up on supplies. So a lot of these promises for these 50,000 jobs. These 9,500 jobs from CVS and Walgreens never really materialized.

pharmacist is hard
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So at this point, they’re actually reducing hours and they’re, not promising in Anymore guaranteed jobs when they graduate and they’re not filling positions now keep in mind hospital pharmacists are not safe either, and actually, I’m that’s. Where I work, I’ve seen a lot of actual hours being reduced salary cuts and furloughs in this sector. U-Dub medicine faces a 500 million shortfall because of the corona situation, staff cuts, and furloughs coming the hospital Network said it will take steps To cut costs, including furloughing.

An undisclosed number of workers and reducing compensation for senior leaders, UW, Medicine and all the other hospitals in the region in Seattle are losing money-losing revenue because the elective and non-emergency surgeries are not happening anymore because of the pandemic situation and also to take care of These corona patients, it’s a very expensive multi care. Health announces furloughs for 6000 employees to cover Losses, Virginia Mason Medical Center to furlough workers, cut pay amid Washington crisis. I’ve personally been removed from schedules for my extra jobs, so my hours have been cut, but my full-time job has not been affected yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if they reduced my hours somewhat.

My full-time job – and you know I’m just not safe. So there you go, that’s the current situation as of right now for pharmacists in this pandemic situation, and I hope you enjoyed this article. Find out more article like this in

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